Ashes Summer por Jonathan Weedon

Ashes Summer por Jonathan Weedon
Titulo del libro : Ashes Summer
Autor : Jonathan Weedon

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Jonathan Weedon con Ashes Summer

It is the summer of 2005 and for sixteen years England’s cricketing dreams have been languishing in the gutter, and to make matters worse, James Greene’s love life is heading the same way. With his heart set on getting fit for a half-marathon and the seemingly over-optimistic promise of an English sporting success against Australia, super-fan James fears his summer could be another frustrating near-miss both for England and his love life.However, the arrival of an intriguing new colleague, Angela, proves a welcome distraction just as England fight their way back into the series. Can she brighten up his Ashes Summer? Or is James’ taste of victory more about salvaging his relationship with Alison than enjoying the action?As the summer and the series develop with unexpected twists and turns, James is about to discover that people are not always what they seem – particularly when it comes to unrequited love, it’s just not cricket…