Bizzy Bear: Spooky House por Nosy Crow, Benji Davies

Bizzy Bear: Spooky House por Nosy Crow, Benji Davies
Titulo del libro : Bizzy Bear: Spooky House
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 11, 2017
Autor : Nosy Crow, Benji Davies
Número de páginas : 8
ISBN : 0763693278
Editor : Nosy Crow

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Nosy Crow, Benji Davies con Bizzy Bear: Spooky House

The ever-intrepid Bizzy Bear is visiting a super-spooky Halloween house. As he climbs the rickety stairs and walks the cobwebby corridors, all sorts of creepy characters appear from doors and hidey-holes. Bizzy remains undaunted but where could he be going and what will he find there? Bizzy s latest adventure makes for a splendidly seasonal new addition to this popular series, which has sold more than a million copies worldwide."