Kuan Yin Oracle por Lo Scarabeo

Kuan Yin Oracle por Lo Scarabeo
Titulo del libro : Kuan Yin Oracle
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 8, 2013
Autor : Lo Scarabeo
Número de páginas : 143
ISBN : 0738739030
Editor : Llewellyn Publications

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Lo Scarabeo con Kuan Yin Oracle

Known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Kuan Yin is revered by Buddhists throughout East Asia. Inspired by her divine wisdom, this beautifully illustrated oracle is designed to guide us toward a loving and enlightened life. The cards contain messages and practical exercises to nourish you on your spiritual path. Open your heart to Kuan Yin's teachings, and learn to love, trust, and live your highest destiny.